Christian Foundation for Orphans and Abused Children


The human spirit is like an eagle. It is designed to fly very high in the sky. We believe that anyone can reach their highest potential when granted the chance to put their God given talent into action. What can look really hard for one to accomplish can be fun and easy for another when it is their field of expertise.

Children are the most vulnerable group of our society. We can understand their frustration as they were born into poverty. As seedlings, they are watered with bad influences as they grow distorted and become pure delinquents of our society. Usually, they are unable to choose a bright future because their present circumstances is a serious impediment to their progress.

CFOAC Plan of Action

To establish a mentorship program that will guide our children through their choices regarding their future. We are dedicated to the success of our children by brightening their future and helping them develop their talents. We will meet those goals by providing them with food, shelter, healthcare and a well rounded education.